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Kindle Publishing Guide for Newbie

Kindle Publishing Guide for beginner

Kindle Publishing for Newbie course was absolutely and exactly designed to show  even you are the beginners, how to get profit with publishing from the Amazon Kindle platform. Even if your readers have never thought about publishing a Kindle book before they will quickly understand how they can get started right away and use the KDP platform to their advantage!

Imagine, how many huge amount of free traffic that “amazon” popular site receives each and every day! This is one of the biggest advantages to tap into Amazon's massive marketplace.

It’s much faster and easier publishing on the Amazon Kindle platform than traditional publishing methods. So you can get opportunity for building brand credibility, attracting customers and increasing profits substantially for self-publishers on a global scale.

It is the right time to get Kindle Publishing for Beginner now, including inside:
  • 5 customizable lessons 
  • 1 ready to go sales page 
  • 1 ready to go squeeze page 
  • 1 ready to go thank you page 
  • A complete graphic package

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HTML2 WordPress Plugin: Turn Your Static HTML

HTML2 WordPress Plugin

Super simple wordpress plugin converts your static HTML pages into identical, widget-ready, wordpress pages. All with just  4 clicks and in less than 1 minute- 100% guaranteed.

HTML2WP plugin can give you the best of both worlds for your offline work--you can create beautiful, graphics-oriented custom pages with my desktop editor and add them to WP sites with literally a few clicks of the mouse.

HTML2WP is very awesome plugin! It solves web development big problem with turning static pages into WordPress powered pages. You will never seen this work done before you try to figure out yourself.

HTML2WP even come with their own sales/squeeze, download and information pages which you guessed it ARE ALL IN HTML.

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SEO Push Button: Get Traffic Like Magnet

PushButton SEO

In this Post-Panda era, the search engines want one quality user experience thing from webmasters. PushButton SEO reflect that because the entire focus is NOT on mechanical, automated SEO – but on making your CONTENT shine, and building your SEO around that.

Google will loves it, so you get top rankings in Google. Your visitors love it, so you get floods of free traffic. And you will love it because it’s so easy now that ANYONE can do it!

You don’t even need to know SEO at all to boost your rankings with PushButton SEO. You only need just one click away to all the information and your assistance.

You must have PushButton SEO plugin for managing your growing internet empire, while you run multiple sites, or plan to build multiple niche websites soon.

With PushButton SEO you can easily Optimize Everything. You can customized to your keywords and individualized for each and every post and page on your site, get simple pass/fail scores for 7 key SEO ranking factors. Check the score, make the recommended fix, and watch your rankings climb page by page, and your traffic increase visitor by visitor.

The authority that attract traffic like magnet.

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Subscribers Plugin: Get More Easy Subscribers Than Ever

wordpress subscriber plugin

WPSubscribers is a great all in one tool, we have several features that can be use to build a strong and effective mailing list by offering different attractive forms.

The best feature of this plugin is the ability to link your autoresponder account with your Facebook account. What this effectively does is create a portal from Facebook to your email list.

This is an especially awesome feature because it removes the friction that comes with asking a reader for their personal details.

This feature is extremely useful when your website targets multi topics with different types of visitors or has multiple landing-pages

You can create unlimited number of subscribe forms include custom forms, footer bar forms, popup forms, exit popup,  and each of them can has its own content and can be used separated at the same time.

Also you can easily create a Subscribe Form embed in your post, it might be displayed at the top, bottom or anywhere inside the post content.

You can use WPSubscribers with any email service such as GetResponse, Aweber, Prosender, Emailaces, Mailchimp, iContact, Google FeedBurner , Turbo Autoresponders or your own email service.

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Super Easy Ebook Creator

ULtimate ebook creator

The Ultimate Ebook Creator is most useful in producing ebooks for amazon's kindle in a short time. You don't have to worry about formatting, etc

Not only does poor formatting have a negative impact on sales and feedback ratings but producing a perfectly formatted kindle book is a very time consuming process. The spellchecker will be an awesome feature to have in it, and so will the ability to turn it into a pdf!

With the Ultimate Ebook Creator, you can now easily create Interactive Ebooks. Quiz books, childrens books, puzzle books. The list goes on and on. 

This software is at the very top for value and quality! 

Great product, great service - highly recommended.

Features of Ultimate Ebook Creator:
  • BUilt in WYSIWYG Editor-so no need for Microsoft Word
  • Create Amazon Kindle Ebooks that get accepted the first time
  • Create Barnes & Noble "The Nook" eBooks
  • Create Apple iBookStore EPUB eBooks
  • Built in Formating -so no need for calibre any other 3rd party tool
  • Articles Database Management System -store and organize thousands of articles and more

Download Free Trial Version now

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Google Plus Strategy Game Plan

Google Plus Game Plan
Now, Google+ is more improved, empowered and innovated. It caters you privacy, personal connections, profile searches and most importantly your business ventures. All of these results are combined in this latest trend – Google+ and Google pages.

Google pages enable the users to customize their business for more effective and efficient marketing strategies. Google is not just for social media and leisure. Now, it is brought brand new as a powerful tool for your online business marketing success.

Google+ pages also enable you to market your business. This marketing tool allows you to connect with many people in wherever places they are. The lead scope is broad and the costs are for free. With Google+ pages, you can market your products all around the world for free! Now, definitely, that is the good news!

You do not have to frustrate yourself from marketing failures over and over again. You don’t need to spend another hundreds of dollars to gain potential leads to your business.

Think about the millions of targeted leads you can have from this social networking site. Most of all think about the huge profits that you can earn from Google+.

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EasyMarketer Plugin For Wordpress

wp easymarketer
How often do you find yourself saying I wish I know how to just get started! Well stop asking the same question.

If you really want to get started and get into the real business of internet marketing this plugin will deliver today.

Wp Easy Marketer combines the ease of a wordpress plugin
With the selling power of clickbank ..

Its designed to allow anyone to start a internet marketing Blogwith content, and monetize it in around five minutes flat.

Wp easyMarketer will with very little effort on your part add random product banners to your blog from clickbank the plug-in will auto place them at the bottom of your post and also in the sidebar if you wish

Wp easyMarkerter comes with the ability to add one or all of the twenty built in articles to your blog with the press of a button. It also adds YouTube videos to your blog with the same case

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