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ULtimate ebook creator

The Ultimate Ebook Creator is most useful in producing ebooks for amazon's kindle in a short time. You don't have to worry about formatting, etc

Not only does poor formatting have a negative impact on sales and feedback ratings but producing a perfectly formatted kindle book is a very time consuming process. The spellchecker will be an awesome feature to have in it, and so will the ability to turn it into a pdf!

With the Ultimate Ebook Creator, you can now easily create Interactive Ebooks. Quiz books, childrens books, puzzle books. The list goes on and on. 

This software is at the very top for value and quality! 

Great product, great service - highly recommended.

Features of Ultimate Ebook Creator:
  • BUilt in WYSIWYG Editor-so no need for Microsoft Word
  • Create Amazon Kindle Ebooks that get accepted the first time
  • Create Barnes & Noble "The Nook" eBooks
  • Create Apple iBookStore EPUB eBooks
  • Built in Formating -so no need for calibre any other 3rd party tool
  • Articles Database Management System -store and organize thousands of articles and more

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